How to compare pay packages between trucking companies?

It may seem very easy to compare different pay packages, but the truth of the matter is that there are so many different pay packages out their within the trucking industry that not all trucking jobs are created equal.  OTR driving jobs are easy to find, but sometimes comparing companies to each other can be challenging. For example, one trucking company advertises .50 CPM while another company advertises .45 CPM.  Which company is giving the truck driver the best offer?   At face value the company paying .50 CPM looks like they are offering the highest pay. However, the truth is in the details. Do the different CPM rates include fuel bonuses, safety bonuses, or sign on bonuses?  Does the driver’s pay fluctuate based on sliding scales or banded pay zones?  Does the rate of pay change based off of home time?  To find out what the trucking company is truly paying we need to dissect the pay package down to the base rate. The company paying .45 CPM may in fact be the higher paying job if the.50 cpm offer includes a total of .10 cpm in various bonuses that the driver could potentially lose.

When searching for your next job be cautious about what the trucking companies advertise.  Many times, the pay package that is advertised by the trucking company takes into account all bonuses, and assumes best case scenarios.  We do not believe that trucking companies are intentionally trying to mislead potential truck drivers and we do not want to paint truck companies in a negative light.  Many trucking companies are just trying to compete with their competitors so they intentionally advertise the highest rate of pay. They leave it up to driver to ask questions about the specifics.

Finding the best paying trucking jobs is hard to do, but by asking the right questions and comparing the job offers the right way can help driver decided what offer is best for them.  OTR drivers should be able to find the best truck driving jobs with patience and proper research.