Factors that contribute to fuel economy?

There are many variables that contribute to a truck driver’s fuel economy. Below is list of variables to keep in mind.  Some things the driver can help improve while others our outside the drivers control.

  1. What is the weight of the load the driver is hauling? Heavier loads = less fuel economy
  1. What area of the country is the CDL driver is operating in? Areas that have more hills and routes that have more stop and go traffic will decrease fuel economy.
  1. What is the rear end gear ratio and the transmission setup?
  1. Is the truck governed and is the HP of the truck restricted?
  1. Does the tractor have super single or dual tires?
  1. Temperature outside and weather conditions.
  1. How much down time the driver has with the truck idling or APU usage.
  1. Did the driver use blended fuels – winter fuel vs summer fuel?

The overall point is that fuel bonuses are good in practice, but it is safe to say that even the best, most fuel conscious driver can end up not getting their fuel bonus if there are variables that are outside the driver’s control.