How does practical mileage pay work?

Many companies will advertise that they pay practical miles, but what are practical miles? Practical mileage is a routing option and mileage calculation method that trucking companies use to determine: #1) The route a truck driver will actually take from point A to point B to get a load delivered using the most common sense truck route and #2) the # of miles that the load should pay.
Companies who pay practical mileage will typically pay for 99% of the actual mileage it takes to get a load delivered as long as the driver does not deviate from the practical route or intentionally go out of route. If you are a driver that is looking to maximize your income potential and not get short changed for the miles you run then you may want to consider working for a company that pays practical mileage pay. Practical mileage pay is by far the most preferred way that drivers want to be paid.