What is stop pay?

Stop pay is a type of compensatory pay that truck drivers get for performing scheduled stops on a load that they are hauling. It is common practice in the truck industry that the pickup and final delivery are always included with the load so normally drivers do not receive any additional stop pay for the pickup or delivery. Most of the time, stop pay is only offered for stops that are in the middle of the initial pickup and final delivery. However, some companies do offer stop pay for all stops even the final delivery so keep this in mind when comparing job offers.

When comparing stop pay policy between companies be sure to take into account the estimated time it might take to complete a stop.  One company might offer a higher stop pay amount, but the average time on the companies stop might take 2-3 times longer.  If the stops are taking a long time to get finished then the higher stop pay usually won’t make up for the driver’s increased down time.  The problem with long stop times is that they burn up the driver’s available hours for the day.  In the long run too many stops may decrease the amount of miles a driver is able to receive in a given week.