Why is there so much turnover in the trucking industry

Why is there so much Turnover in the Trucking Industry?

Driver turnover in the trucking industry is on the rise: If you are a driver you have probably seen firsthand the effects of driver turnover within the trucking industry. Many drivers have worked for multiple trucking companies in the last few years and few drivers are finding driving jobs that offer stable employment which allows them to settle down and build longevity with a single employer.  Many trucking companies have a consistent revolving door with new drivers coming into the company and current drivers leaving the company.  A trucking company may bring in 20 new drivers into orientation to replace the 21 drivers that quit or was terminated the previous [...]

5 tips all truck drivers should use when searching for a new driving job

5 Tips CDL Drivers Should Use When Searching for a New Truck Driving Job

Tips and Advice for Truck Drivers Looking for a New Trucking Company So you are a CDL Driver and you are looking for a new job. The good news is that there are hundreds of trucking companies that are looking for drivers to join their fleet. The bad news is that the process of selecting your new job can be overwhelming. If you rush your next employment decision you may find out that you made the wrong choice because you did not properly research the company before accepting their job offer. There is a lot of competition for CDL drivers and this can create a lot of [...]

Questions truck drivers should ask their driver recruiter

100 questions all truck drivers should ask their driver recruiter

Questions for Truck Drivers to ask their Driver Recruiter: Is the company privately or publicly held? Most drivers do not go this far when researching a future trucking company, but if the company is publicly held the driver can look up company’s stock symbol and access financial statements to help determine the financial health of the company. How many total employees does the company have? How many drivers does the company currently have? What is the company’s turnover rate? Most companies will not give this information out. Many trucking companies have over 100% turnover so be sure to ask and see if the recruiter is honest with you about [...]

Company Driving Jobs vs Lease Purchase Programs

Company Driving Jobs vs. Lease Purchase Programs

How to decide between a Company Driving Jobs or a Lease Purchase Program?   When looking for a new OTR driving job CDL truck drivers will find that they have options between company driving jobs and lease purchase trucking jobs.  There are advantages and disadvantages for each option so we encourage OTR drivers to evaluate their long term career goals when exploring each opportunity. Asking the right questions and knowing the general details of each job should help the driver find the best trucking job for their lifestyle. Overall there is less uncertainty with being a company driver. Company drivers know what to expect and they tend to get more stable paychecks week [...]

New Student Rookie Truck Driver vs Experieinced Driver

The Truck Driving Veteran vs The Truck Driving Rookie

Experienced truck driver vs. student drivers with no experience   This may be an overly simplistic view, but in our opinion, there are only 2 different types of truck drivers. There is The Veteran Driver & then there is The Rookie Driver. Regardless of whether you are a new driver getting started out or you are the long seasoned veteran – the role you play within the industry as a whole is a valuable one. Consumers should never forget that if they bought it, a truck driver brought it. Truck Driving Veterans: Veteran drivers are an expert at their trade.  They are true professionals with the skills to haul whatever type of equipment the industry tries to [...]

CDL Truck Driver Shortage

OTR Driver Shortage

Info About the Current Truck Driver Shortage:   Today, the United States is currently experiencing a massive driver shortage in the transportation industry.  Baby boomers are on their way out of the industry and the transportation industry has done a very bad job at attracting new talent to replace the dwindling workforce. According to the American Trucking Association there is currently a driver shortage of 48,000 truck drivers and this number is expected to grow to as many as 175,000 by the year 2024.[i] Due to this shortage, Class A CDL drivers are in high demand. Many trucking companies are desperate to grow their fleet sizes and they are putting together lucrative pay [...]

What is OTR Driving?


 Student CDL Driver Resource Guide to OTR Driving: Job Outlook for OTR Truck Drivers For those of you that are new to the transportation industry or wondering if the life of a truck driver is something you want to explore it might be beneficial for you to know what OTR (Over-The-Road) driving is.  OTR driving can be loosely defined as driving in any sort of capacity that requires the operator to sleep in a state that is other than the state in which they reside.  Typically, OTR Drivers will be away from home for multiple weeks at a time. OTR drivers transport goods from one location to another by operating heavy [...]