OrTran is a trucking company based out of Kansas City, MO.    OrTran recognizes that drivers want more home time, a reliable schedule, and stronger relationships with customers which has led them to develop an unique dispatch model which they call OTR Evolution. OrTrans is striving to create a work-life balance for professional CDL Drivers and they want to revolutionize the industry. OTR Evolution is a new trucking model based on fundamental principles.  By combining slip seats, relays, secure drop lots and more, OrTrans is able to build round-trip tours that are able to get drivers home and paid on a predictable schedule.



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OrTran Truck Driving Jobs

OrTran Weekly Tours:

Drivers are home every week

An example of a weekly tour with OrTran is having a driver starting out in Kansas City and picking up and droping off four loads from Kenosha, WI to Crete, NE.  This type of setup allows drivers to be on a predictable loop so they are able to get back where they started twice a week and home for the weekend.

OrTran Relay Circuit:

Drivers are home everyday

Drivers who are on the OrTrans relay will typically drive 500 miles a day…except it’s 250 miles there and 250 miles back. Depending on the drivers tour, they will stop halfway at a secure drop lot and swap trailers with a different driver doing the same thing. Together, both drivers move freight  the full 500 miles and both drivers are able to get back home on time.

OrTran OTR Evoultion:


OrTran Equipment

OrTran is committed to maintaining a late model fleet that looks as good as it drives. You can count on OrTran trucks and trailers to be reliable, fuel efficient, and ready to accept any load.

ortran equipment


Running an energy-wise equipment program is good for the environment, and good for the bottom line. Its also part of their commitment as a SmartWay Partner. While many of the fuel-saving Aero Dynamic features are standard in newer models, they also look to gain efficiency through:

  • Multi-torque engines
  • Cab Extenders
  • Trailer Skirts
  • Super single tires on all trucks and trailers
  • 6×2 Trucks with 1 drive axle
  • Rear Tag or Dead Axle

Driver Safety and Comfort

OrTran trucks offer a quiet and comfortable ride with state-of-the-art technologies that enhance driver performance. Every OrTran truck is equipped with a PeopleNet console where drivers receive load information; communicate with the operations team and complete e-logs. Trailers are equipped with Skybitz tracking systems. Their trucks also have:

  • Fender mounted mirrors for safety
  • 110 volt inverter
  • Refrigerators in all trucks with sleepers
  • Bunk heaters for idle reduction

Equipment Replacement Planning

OrTran has a goal to replace equipment every 3 to 4 years depending on the truck’s performance, regulations and financing opportunities.

Trailers that are Light when Loaded

Aerodynamics are equally important for OrTran’s fleet of trailers. Most trailers are Wabash Duraplate with Skirts and Wider Tires that auto inflate if pressure is too low.

OrTran Minimum Qualifications

Must have at least 1 year of comparable driving experience

No 15+ speeding violations in last 3 years

Felonies are considered on a case by case basis

No reckless driving charges in past 3 years

Drivers must have a decent work history