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Welcome to our Trucking Company Directory. How does a truck driver find the best truck driving job? This is a tough question to answer because the “BEST” job is going to be subjective based on who you ask and the needs of the driver looking for employment. Every company is going to offer something different. Some trucking companies might offer higher pay while others might get the driver more home time. One challenge that drivers face is that it takes time to evaluate different jobs and compare them to one another. It is the driver’s responsibility to judge for themselves whether or not the offer they have received is a good offer. We encourage drivers to do research and compare what each trucking company offers. Doing so should provide the driver with enough knowledge to successfully make an informed decision about what trucking company has the best driving job for them. Accepting a job offer because it pays the most may not be the best for a driver looking for more home time. The opposite is also true. As long as the job is best for what the driver needs then that’s all that matters. Take some time to research the companies below and spend time browsing our trucking company directory. If you want to apply for a job you can do so by locating the "More Info" link included within each trucking companies profile page and submitting an application directly on the trucking companies website.

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Estes Express Lines

Estes Express Lines Carrier Info
Estes was established in 1931 with just one truck and one driver, with an aim to achieve rapid growth in a short span of time. The company’s fleet evolved from a single truck to more than 6000 tractors and 24600 trailers, operating across a massive network of terminals based on 210 locations. Estes has more than 16000 employees across USA, Mexico and Canada and is one of the largest freight forwarding and carrier companies in...

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Dart Transit

Dart Transit Carrier Info
Dart Transit Company was formed in 1934. It is a family-owned and operated business, which is one of the largest truckload carriers in the United States, providing dry-van carriers’ transportation across 45 states. Their quality service is based on dedicated and regional transportation with owner operators and fleet drivers.
The route types include regional, short haul, local, dedicated, relocation and OTR. The terminal locations include Minneapolis, MN, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Sellersburg, IN, St Paul, MN, Buford,...

TMC Transportation Reviews Company, Dry Van

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation Carrier Info
With thousands of tractor-trailers travelling coast to coast, TMC Transportation was founded in 1972, and is one of North America’s biggest flatbed carriers. Its hauls each kind of flatbed freight, from all categories of building materials and steel products to machinery and everything in between. The company provides expert line-haul, dedicated and specialized flatbed service throughout the 48 contiguous states. Terminal locations include Des Moines, IA, Indianapolis, IN, Joplin, MO, and Gaston, SC. The company holds...

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Stevens Transportation

Stevens Transportation Carrier Info
Stevens Transport, Inc, one of the leading North America’s premier multi-modal, temperature-controlled freight carriers, was founded in 1980. The company operates throughout North America, Canada, and Mexico.  Stevens Transport maintains a competitive edge by providing asset-based services through regional, dedicated, expedited, intermodal, tanker, and 3PL competencies.  Stevens transport is the largest refrigerated trucking company in Texas, while it has been ranked among top 4 largest temperature-controlled carriers in the United States. The company is consistently recognized...

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Shaffer Trucking

Shaffer Trucking Carrier Info
Established in 1937, Shaffer Trucking was founded as a standard trucking and transportation service providers in the USA. The company became a part of Crete Carrier family in 1974, and developed its image as one of the premium temperature-sensitive truckload service providers. The company has been extending its services to many industries including beverages, candy, confectionery, machinery, construction etc. The coast-to-coast route types include regional, dedicated and OTR haul.  Shaffer Trucking’s strategically located network of 15...

Schneider Reviews Company, Dry Van


Schneider Carrier Info
Schneider was formed in 1935 as the premier provider of truckload, intermodal and logistics services. The company is offering the broadest portfolio in the industry with solutions including Regional, Long-Haul, Expedited, Dedicated, Bulk, Intermodal, Brokerage, Cross-Dock Logistics, Supply Chain Management and Port Logistics. Due to the company’s strong organizational culture and values like integrity, quality and efficiency, Schneider has become one of North America’s largest providers of truckload, intermodal and logistics services. The company is headquartered in...

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EW Wylie

EW Wylie Carrier Info
Established in 1938, E.W. Wylie is a specialized transportation company in flatbed trucking and trucking logistics industry with service lanes running within USA as well as Alaska and Canada. Wylie provides services for moving fabricated steel, agriculture machinery, tubing, construction equipment, as well as oil gas industry components. Wylie usually operates from its primary terminal in West Fargo.  E.W. Wylie trucking services extend to 48 states, all Canadian provinces, and everywhere in-between. The company is headquartered...

Decker Truck Lines Reviews Company, Dry Van

Decker Truck Line

Decker Truck Line Carrier Info
Decker Truck line was established in 1931 by Loren Decker and Dale Decker, with just one Model B Ford truck. It was the time when driver’s license was not a requirement. The company has been providing freight and transportation services for industries like plumbing fixtures, canned goods, windmills and gypsum products between Iowa and neighboring states. In 1945, the company started its operations in Midwest states for iron, steel, construction and food products industry.
Today, the...

Swift Transportation Reviews

Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation Carrier Info
Swift Transportation was founded in 1966 for transporting imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and Arizona cotton for export back through to Southern California. Swift maintains a network of more than 40 full-service terminals, across USA and Mexico. Swift owns 100% of Trans-Mex, a Nuevo Laredo, Mexico based carrier. It offers border crossing services at all major Mexican border crossings. Swift is unquestionably the largest full-truckload motor carrier in North America. The...

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CRST Expedited

CRST Expedited Carrier Info
CRST International was formed in 1955 by Herald and Miriam, with no trucks and no customers. They contracted with owner/operators who were hauling livestock to Chicago to return to the Cedar Rapids area with loads of steel instead of empty trucks. Since that day, CRST has evolved from a trucking firm to one of the nation’s leading providers of transportation solutions. In 2002, in a move to solidify its market presence and improve customer service, CRST...