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Navajo Express Reviews

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Useful information to consider including in your Navajo Express driver review:

Navajo Express Home Time

  • Did Navajo Express honor your home time requests and get you home on time?
  • Was Navajo Express able to accommodate unplanned home time needs?
  • Did you find yourself fighting for home time when working for Navajo Express?

Navajo Express Overall Pay:

  • What was your average weekly pay?
  • What was your top pay when working for Navajo Express?
  • Was pay at Navajo Express consistent most weeks?

Navajo Express Miles:

  • How many miles per week did you average as a Navajo Express driver?
  • Did freight slow down during certain times?
  • Were you pre-planned a lot or did you find yourself waiting to be dispatched?

Navajo Express Communication:

  • How was the communication from Navajo Express operational, safety, and recruiting personal?
  • Were you able to get a hold of somebody via phone, email, or truck communications when you had a problem and needed help?

Navajo Express Equipment:

  • What was your experience like working with Navajo Express’s equipment?
  • Did Navajo Express keep their tractors and trailers in safe operating condition?
  • Was the truck repaired in a timely manner when it broke down?
  • How would you rate Navajo Express’s shop and maintenance facilities?

Navajo Express Recruiting Process:

  • How was your experience working with Navajo Express recruiters?
  • Were Navajo Express recruiters honest about the job offer?
  • How knowledgeable were Navajo Express’s recruiters?
  • How was the Navajo Express orientation process?

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